How to upgrade on multiple servers

Upgrading the first server

Select the first server that you want to upgrade.

Install the programme using the downloaded installer (see How do I upgrade Crossware Mail Signature to a New Version?).

After installation has finished, check that the esig database on the server has been upgraded and has the correct version (Use the Help About in the Help menu). This part has now upgraded both the eSig notes database and the binary files on the first server.

Upgrading the other servers

To upgrade the other servers in the domain you can use the Install on Server action in the Server Log view.

This will automatically replicate the new design to the destination server and start the installation of the binaries.

Form windows this will start the installation agent to automatically install the binaries on the server.

For all other operating systems, you will be asked to select a local path to extract the binaries and installer.

Checking Binary Version

You can check the current versions of all the binaries on the all servers by using the Server Log view.

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