Issues Resolved


529 - 8bit mime email incorrectly decoded.
530 - Malformed MIME_PART can cause server to crash.
531 - Signature selection is based on Config name
533 - Add support for Italian iPhone replies.
534 - ConvertToHTML incorrectly sets ByteCount causing domino crash.
535 - View collection left open in GetLDAPConfig causing memory leak.
537 - Advanced Mime editor reload button fails on sub signature
538 - txt attachments have incorrect boundary written.
544 - Crash if adding addition CRLF to MIME email.
548 - Email to force update of signature for Post 85 Local Signature
549 - IsEmailReplyNew-past end of RT Buffer - log messages.
551 - Signature_GetLatestNumber Runtime Error
552 - Non English systems will fail validation on version when using non decimal symbol.
557 - Allow option form local signatures to only process on Home mail server
558 - Add parameter to license validator to show user configuration.
559 - User added to license count twice
560 - RuleBuilder used invalid SendDate in interface.
561 - Remove restriction on FullName field when processing email
564 - Principal field as an email address does not get processed.
565 - iPhone replies have alternative mixed in different positions.
566 - Spelling mistake in error message when converting OLD Rich Text signature to Advanced MIME Editor.
567 - License check can cause max CPU.
554 - Add Convert Rich Text to HTML option on configuration document.

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